From Syria to the U.S.: Fasting, Weeping, and Wailing

I have written and then deleted several thoughts on our country’s response to Syrian refugees. 27 states, and counting, have refused  to accept these people within their borders. While states cannot legally ban refugees, their refusal to cooperate with the … Continue reading

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I am near-shaking from the video I just watched.  It had me in tears and my body is still tense from anger.  My sincerest apologies to members of the Muslim community, and all communities who have experienced such hatred.  There are no words…

All arguments of race, religion, and nationalism aside… it will NEVER be acceptable to express such filth.  And how dare people bring God and Jesus Christ in the midst of this garbage?!  I can not apologize enough on behalf of the body of Christ.  All I can offer is the promise that we do not all carry this kind of hatred in our hearts.

I am especially offended at the arena in which these hate mongers chose to host this mess: a dinner to raise funds for women’s shelters, homelessness and hunger in the U.S.  Our country is full of so much brokenness and so many of us choose to stand on the sidelines and permit injustice after injustice.  These people were coming together out of their desire to see positive change in the lives of AMERICAN people.  God bless them for their efforts.