Guest Writers

Are you interested in being a guest writer for Brown-Eyed Amazon?

Perhaps you want to gain some free publicity for yourself and your website?

I would like to extend an invitation to you to write a post for this site! If you have your own blog or website this is a chance to take advantage of one of the most recommended methods of increasing readership- guest posting!

I am looking for talented writers (opposing views welcome) who are interested in writing a post that fits the theme (s) of B.E.A.

B.E.A Guest writer guidelines

1. Original content only. The article has to be original content that has not yet been posted on any other site (including your own). You might find an article somewhere else that first appeared on this blog, but it has to be original to be considered.

2. Authentic voice. The article must fit one of the aforementioned categories but it must be presented in a fresh and interesting way that benefits my readers.

3. Limited and Relevant backlinks. NO SPAM LINKS. All backlinks must be related to your article and a maximum of two “self-serving” backlinks that lead to your own blog (I suggest one be for your bio page).

4.  Length Requirements. A minimum of 600 words is suggested but 1200 is the absolute maximum permitted.

5. Editing rights. As the owner of B.E.A I reserve the right to edit all submissions. I will not make any major changes but in order to maintain standards I will be correcting grammar, censoring inappropriate language etc…

6. Quid pro quo.  As a guest writer you are receiving access to my readers and an opportunity for new subscribers. Please reply in kind by posting somewhere on your blog or site that you were a B.E.A guest writer (including backlink to my site).

7. No Ghost Writers.  You must have your own website, blog site, Facebook page, Twitter account, or other online presence that I can link with- I cannot accept anonymous guest writers;

Contact me today to accept my invitation to write an article!

E-mail AnaYelsi at with your contact info and a few sentences describing your idea for a post.

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