Individual Coaching

Seeking a person to accompany you, one on one, through a season of exploration or learning about your identity?

Want to talk through what it means to ethically explore one’s indigeneity?

The identity struggle of being a Person of Color adopted into whiteness?

How to push back against the erasure of mixed-race identities?

How to understand the privilege and responsibility of being a white-passing/light-skinned Person of Color?

What it means to explore the impact/consequences of being white (leading to a loss of one’s heritage and culture)?

How to be grow as an effective anti-racist accomplice?

Identity coaching with AnaYelsi is an opportunity to develop a deepened understanding of your individual racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and how they impact your collective work towards equity and justice.

Coaching sessions focus on racial/ethnic/cultural identity development and the challenges to that development that are potentially hindering one’s approach to justice work.

While shaped around the individual, sessions are intended to offer clients opportunities and tools to apply a social lens to identity exploration that considers structural factors, power dynamics, and historical context. Sessions are not prescriptive in nature but rather are a collaborative process.

Applying leadership development skills and concepts she acquired during her years as a community organizer, AnaYelsi will walk clients through building a new framework for understanding themselves, their motivations, and their role in movement-building.

Email to book a free 20-minute consultation to learn more.

Coaching Rates

  • $115 per 60 min session: 1-1 coaching
    • 10% off for 6 sessions prepaid ($621)
    • 15% off for 12 sessions prepaid ($1,173)

AnaYelsi holds a strong commitment to making her work economically just and financially accessible. Because of her patreon partners and clients that are able to meet her full rate, she is able to offer pro bono/low-cost services to those that would otherwise be priced out. If this applies to you, do not hesitate to reach out to discuss sliding scale rates.