This Land Is Our Land? – On Being IndoLatinx at a Women’s March

I have started a post every morning since the march and then failed to share it because it felt inadequate. There were so many emotions about the event itself and they have been overwhelmed by the many emotions I’ve had … Continue reading

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Secret Lives of Feministas

Much of fourth-wave feminism is being shaped through social media and mainstream media. It is here (let’s be honest, everywhere) that Latina voices are seemingly absent. In actuality, voices from nearly all women of color have been pushed to the peripheral. Like so … Continue reading

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Flashback: Why Do We Celebrate Men Like Christopher Columbus?

Image“What does it say of our culture that we neglect to celebrate heroes such as Harriet Tubman or Cesar Chavez but instead dedicate days to the memory of men such as Christopher Columbus?”

Here is a look back at my reflection on one of our most imperialistic holidays…

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Standing with S.E. Cupp Against Hustler’s Misogyny

Stand with S.E. Cupp Against Hustler's Misogyny

Petition: Stand with S.E. Cupp Against Hustler’s Misogyny |

So S.E Cupp is advocating for the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Do I agree with her? Hell no.

Apparently Hustler magazine didn’t either and they cited this reason as a thinly veiled excuse to publically degrade Ms. Cupp by photoshopping an image of her performing fellatio (oral sex).  Wow, you really showed her, Hustler. Here’s hoping that women will think twice before openly sharing their political opinions.

I may not agree with S.E Cupp’s political agenda but attempting to silence women through pornographic depictions is reprehensible.

Yes, Hustler has the same claim to freedom of speech that we all have but does that make this exercise in free speech any less detestable?

It is one thing, though I have concerns about the motivations, for a woman to actively choose to participate in a magazine of Hustler’s nature. It is something else entirely to, without the subject’s consent, manipulate a person’s image into a demeaning and sexualized pose in order to criticize or publicly shame them.

On a related note: I was saddened to see Cupp’s lake of faith in her own gender to defend and be outraged on her behalf.

“The outrage of Sandra Fluke will not be matched on my side,” Cupp told The Blaze. “It seems that feminism has devolved into an institution that has picked losers and winners and has decided that some women qualify for respect and other women do not.”

Cupp went on to denounce The National Organization for Women (N.O.W) as though they represented feminism in its entirety. They do not.  Shame on N.O.W spokespeople for not being equally vocal on Cupp’s behalf as they have been for women like Sandra Fluke. Yet, they are not the only feminists out there and MANY of us, liberal and conservative, do support Ms. Cupp.

Possibly the most famous liberal feminist to date is the trailblazer, Gloria Steinem. Her words echo the sentiment of countless feminists who do stand for women – regardless of their politics.

“As another of the countless women who have been attacked, defamed and endangered by Larry Flynt and Hustler over the years, I am proud to stand with S.E. Cupp and defend her right to free speech and respect.” – Steinem

“To the staff of Hustler Magazine:

We are women and men, who are liberal and conservative. Some of us disagree with S.E. Cupp’s views on Planned Parenthood, and some of us agree. More than anything, we strongly condemn sexualized, misogynist attacks against women in the political sphere. A woman’s political opinions, whatever they are, should never be met with sexist attacks.

Your publisher called this attack on S.E. Cupp “satire,” referring to a Supreme Court decision protecting satire as necessary to freedom of speech. But your attempts to effectively shut down a political commentator by Photoshopping her into nothing more than a sexual object call your commitment to open political discourse into serious question.

We believe that S.E. Cupp has every right to participate in public debate without being subject to sexualized attacks as retribution, and we call on you to reaffirm the same.

We stand with S.E. Cupp.”


AnaYelsi Sanchez

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