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AnaYelsi has spoken at:

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    Mystic Soul Conference (2018) – workshop presenter

  • Academy for Racial Justice, The Reformation Project (2015, 2016, 2017) – lead facilitator
  • First-Year Orientation to Community Involvement (FOCI) Program, Georgetown University (2017) – guest speaker
  • The Reformation Project National Conference (2016) – plenary speaker
  • Krista Foundation National Conference (2016) – keynote speaker
  • Wild Goose Festival (2015, 2016) – panelist and guest speaker
  • Brave Spaces Premiere, Human Rights Campaign (2015) – panelist
  • Transform Network National Conference (2015) – panelist
  • Q Christian Fellowship National Conference (2015) – workshop presenter
  • Why Christian Conference (2015) – panelist

AnaYelsi is available for keynotes, plenary talks, workshops, and panels. Topics she can speak on include but are not limited to faith organizing, racial and gender justice, decolonization, adoption and the foster care system, the arts as a tool for justice, and intersectionality.

Examples of potential talks, workshops etc.:

  • Name Reclamation As An Act of Spiritual Resistance
  • Building a Praxis of Holding Together: Grassroots Faith Organizing
  • The Biblical Case for Racial Justice
  • Decolonizing Christian Theology and Practice
  • Making the Connection: LGBTQ Justice and Racial Justice


AnaYelsi is available as a consultant for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to grow and navigate challenges around an array of topics. Relying on years of experience in activating leaders and bridge-building, she provides a relationship-based approach to justice work that prioritizes the holding together of community and empowerment of individuals.

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AnaYelsi’s 2018 Schedule