B.E.A Comment Policy

I like to assume the best about my contributors but from time to time there must be a bit of “wrangling” in the comment section. I want to hear from you and encourage comments, critiques, questions and suggestions. That being said, some standards must be set in order to maintain a respectful dialogue.

By commenting, you agree to the following:

  • I will keep my comments on topic – B.E.A is always welcoming of guest writers.  If there is a topic you would like to address please see the “Guest Writers” section of B.E.A to learn how you can be a contributor.  The comment section is for adding something relevant and of value to the current topic at hand. Any comment that appears to be off-topic will be edited or deleted.
  • I will keep my External linking to a minimum– I’m not opposed to you including a link in your blog as long as it is relevant to the post and is accompanied by some sort of statement.  Random links with no explanation may be of value but how will we know if you don’t make that clear? Simply linking to your own site or blog post is seriously frowned upon.
  • I will limit my use of profanity – We’re PG13 here. Moderate language is allowed, but I reserve the right to edit out anything offensive.
  • I will not engage in personal attacks – personal attacks on the authors or other commentators will result in an immediate deletion. Continuous personal attacks will result in a ban from the site.  I will NOT tolerate that sort of behavior.

Please know, I appreciate my readers and what they bring to the discussion.  Thank you for adhering to these guidelines and ensuring that we maintain a level of excellence and a welcoming environment.