B.E.A Art Gallery

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, AnaYelsi Sanchez came to the U.S as a young child and has lived a life that provided firsthand insight into issues of economic inequality, sexism, and racism. AnaYelsi is a straight ally working as the Organizing and Programs Director for The Reformation Project. She also runs the organization’s Academy for Racial Justice- a program that combines biblical teaching, simulations, ethnic-specific break-outs, and significant cross-cultural dialogue around the intersection of racial identity and LGBT issues. She is also the creator of Secret Lives of Feministas, an online community addressing the marginalization of Latinx feminists in mainstream feminism.  These passions often seep into her creative endeavors – resulting in art that provides a commentary on human nature with a focus on the pursuit of social justice in an increasingly unjust society. AnaYelsi lives in Washington, D.C. You can follow her on twitter at @brwneyedamzn and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/browneyedamazon.

You can contact AnaYelsi through twitter at @brwneyedamzn or by e-mail at brwneyedamzn@gmail.com

“People inspire me. I don’t think they realize how truly amazing they are and I love watching the way the people around me interact and express themselves. I love those special moments when I see “average” people be inspiring in their own unique way. It’s beautiful.” – AnaYelsi Sanchez