May the Best Reformer Win!

“May the best reformer win!” – Me

“May the reforce be with you!”- Matthew (he tried)


Don’t be fooled by the smiles. They’re the competition. ¡Viva Team Sanchez!

The heat of competition is upon us at The Reformation Project. We’ve been offered a $50,000 matching grant to support our national work. Like the healthy team players that we are, we decided to turn it into a competition.

So, here are the stakes:

1. The staff member who brings in the most individual donors by January 1st gets treated to dinner by the rest of the staff (hello, ropa vieja!).

2. The staff member who brings in the most money by January 1st gets to choose our next staff bonding activity. For example, If Sara won she could torture me (and my voice would in turn torture others) by making us do karaoke.

In all seriousness though, we have big plans for 2016 and I’m excited to say we are expanding our programs to do great work in more places across the nation. At our strategic planning retreat earlier this month we laid out a plan to make this upcoming year a year for excellence and growth. If your new to the work of TRP, let me tell you a bit about who we are. TRP exists to train up leaders and craft rich resources to empower LGBT Christians and allies to transform their faith communities. Through building a deep grassroots movement, we strive to create an environment in which Christian leaders will have the freedom to take the next steps toward affirming and including LGBT people in all aspects of church life. We do this through a powerful blend of Theological and direct-action organizing training that we offer our members via conferences, leadership development cohorts and more.The Reformation Project (TRP) has cast a bold vision for reform and inclusion in the Church and we want to do everything in our power to make that happen sooner rather than later. Your financial partnership can help determine the pace at which we reach our goal.

If you share our vision for the Church consider giving a monthly or one-time gift today. If you want to help me  win and score some bragging rights in the process than be sure to comment below letting me know your gift is for team Sanchez. Or email me at to keep your support anonymous. I’ve set a personal goal of raising $5,000 for the work of TRP. Let’s make it happen. Spread the word and give today.

¡Viva Team Sanchez!

Thank you and Feliz Navidad!



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