BEA Ethos


Brown-Eyed Amazon is a community that celebrates the intersection of art, faith, and social justice.

We are dedicated to social change in 3 major and inter-connected areas: human trafficking (modern-day slavery), LGBT+ equality and gender-based violence.

We are an inter-faith, ecumenical, LGBT affirming feminist space.

Founded by a Christian feminist, AnaYelsi Sanchez, BEA’s tagline is “Love Jesus. Seek Justice. Wear Cute Shoes”. The unofficial second part of that tagline is the tongue-in-cheek “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”. This is an acknowledgement of the diverse audience and contributors that comprise BEA. We celebrate our diverse worldview and are committed to maintaining a standard of respect and a posture of learning as we are exposed to a broad set of perspectives.

All voices are invited.