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**The shop is woefully out-of-date so you are not limited to the items listed. If interested in ordering prints, shirts, or bags with any of my paintings please feel free to e-mail AnaYelsi at to arrange a custom order.**


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, AnaYelsi Sanchez came to the U.S as a young child and has lived a life that provided firsthand insight into issues of economic inequality, sexism, and racism. As well as being an artist, AnaYelsi is a passionate women and LGBTQIA right’s advocate. She is also a dedicated and trained anti-slavery activist. These passions often seep into her creative endeavors – resulting in art that provides a commentary on human nature with a focus on the pursuit of social justice in an increasingly unjust society.


You can contact AnaYelsi through twitter at @brwneyedamzn or by e-mail at

“People inspire me. I don’t think they realize how truly amazing they are and I love watching the way the people around me interact and express themselves. I love those special moments when I see “average” people be inspiring in their own unique way. It’s beautiful.” – AnaYelsi Sanchez