What Sally Ride Means to Me, Especially Raising Girls

The Modern Family Man


Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman to go to space, and the youngest American astronaut died today. She is just a little older than my mother, and is about my father’s age. She died following a nearly 18 month long battle with pancreatic cancer. RIP Dr. Ride.

I was always interested in her when I was a child. Space, NASA, the STS Shuttle all really intrigued me, and I recall reading more than one book about her, and reading them more than a couple of times. Her importance in American history cannot be discounted. True, she wasn’t the first, or even the second woman into space. Those titles go to two women in Russia. However, before Sally Ride, the only people who went to space were men. She broke through, a space cowgirl among the cowboys around her.

As a father to girls, I recognize her importance even more…

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