The Modern Family Man: Indoctrinating my children since 2008

The following is from friend and fellow bleeding-heart liberal, Joey Myers. Keep an eye out for a future guest post from him.  For now, enjoy this wonderful article on his “indoctrination” of his beautiful little girls.

“First and foremost, we teach our children love. We tell the, all the time, how much we love them. We show physical affection, with lots of hugs and kisses, something we grew up with. We try to remind them, when its time for discipline, that we still love them, even when their actions or decisions are not what we expect from them. I even have a few bedtime stories about Tommy T-Rex — Tommy T-Rex likes Boys, Tommy T-Rex Told a Lie, Tommy T-Rex Hit His Brother — and the moral of the story is always how much Daddy Rex loves Tommy, no matter what he does, no matter his choices, no matter his actions.”

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