For everyone posting this “Drug testing when applying for welfare” thing, please take some time to review the facts of these cases. First off, of the three states cited, only Florida actually passed this law, which was struck downl back in October. Second, the law is unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment protects against “search and seizure” without probable cause. Being poor is not probable cause, and this has been stated by the courts multiple times. Finally, the program, while it was in effect in Florida, actually cost more money than it saved! The program “saved” about $73,000, while it cost $118,000, not counting the ever increasing legal costs.

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You may have seen this picture floating around facebook… It is one of those stupid “re-post if you agree” pictures that criticize welfare recipients, who are all drug addicts, while supporting working stiffs, who never, ever use illegal drugs…

First, I will get my opinion out of the way — if it offends you, I apologize… I only say that because I’m about to use some language that will offend some… the above sentiment is stupid. People that believe anything listed above has no idea about the social welfare system, about drug use, or about any aspect of those less fortunate than themselves. If this offends you, I’m sorry… I’m sorry that you’ve decided to form an opinion on lies, on false information… I’m sorry that you’re stuck in 1980, with the Regan “welfare queens”… I’m sorry that you can’t open a google search and do research… Maybe stupid is…

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