I don’t go to church — here’s why…

Many people have walked away from the church experience because of what the “church” has become. A friend of mine took the time to share a bit of his experience and understandable frustrations.  I wanted to share his honest words with you.

My challenge to him was: How can we change the church if we all leave the church?

The Modern Family Man

You know, its funny… I didn’t grow up in a religious or spiritual household. My mother hasn’t ever seemed to feel comfortable with church, and I’m fairly certain that my father is an atheist. It wasn’t something that we ever really talked about. When I was in first grade, I started going to church with my mom’s friend Melissa. I loved it. Hickman Heights Christian Church. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’ve even thought of that church in 15 years. When we moved to Florida, I started going to church with my best friend, Jason, in 6th grade. I went to that church for some eight years, until I moved to Orlando. Once in Orlando, I found an awesome church, again attending with a friend of mine, Sean. At the second and third churches, I was heavily involved, to say the least. You name it…

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