Threads of Freedom

Bethany and I have been painting our apartment all weekend. Gallons and Gallons of paint!

We still had two walls left to do last night… so of course we ignored them and broke out the acrylics and canvasses instead.

How our kitchen table should always look

Nic joined us for a delicious dinner and we followed that by having him give us a virtual tour of his metalwork (fantastic pieces). How were we supposed to do manual labor after that? There was art to be made!

Some music, some wine, and we were ready…


You may not be able to tell through the photo: the skirt is made of fabric roses that I cut and glued to the painting.

This piece is very similar to one of the first paintings I ever sold. I changed the style of the skirt and the background and I think I love this one even more.  I don’t plan on selling the original but… wait… don’t panic….when my store launches March 1st you will be able to purchase prints.

Threads of Freedom


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