Words of Encouragement- Brazilian Style

I had the blessing of catching up with both Steve Mersinger AND Shannon Mersinger last night; two people I love  and miss so very much.

My conversation with Shannon was full of encouragement, wisdom, and love.

My conversation with Steve… mostly made me laugh.  (plus all that other stuff of course).

I shared about the big move and here is how the convo went…

(excuse the weird order of replies.  That’s how chatting goes sometimes..)

Steve: we think about you lots
  we’re surrounded by brown people (they are currently living as missionaries in Brasil)
me: oh my goodness! hello!
  how are you?
  baby here yet? (Shannon’s about to pop with baby #3 A.K.A Jordan)
 Steve: good, but I lied, there’s seriously very few brown people here
 me: whaaaat? how can that be?
Steve: NO, my little Brasileirinho is late, imagine right?
 because we live in the part of Brazil that the Nazi’s are hiding to escape war crimes from WWII, at least  their kids are still living here anyways
me: of course totally reasonable explanation.
  how’s shannon doing?
Steve: she hops everywhere she goes hoping to shake Jordan out
 me: hot sauce
 Steve: no thanks
 me: lol that’s what we always said growing up.. eat some peppers and poof… BABY!
Steve: can’t believe we missed you when we were back
Steve: she’s tried spicy stuff to
me: i know! that sucked :'( and I won’t be here the next time you come
Steve: i’ve got to go finish cooking dinner without letting any brazilian men see me so I don’t lose my man card
  WHY? won’t you be there? you aren’t about to off yourself are you? is this a cry for help???
 me: bah!  no no no! lol
Steve: i know the little mermaid f***ed your head up, but don’t let go ana!!! (referencing the previous day’s blogpost about the anti-feminist messages in The Little Mermaid)
me: moving in 9 days
 Steve: to where?
me: oh my gosh! lol thats awful
me: no laughing…. nebraska
 Steve: WTF? for what reason? you know it snows there right? and is devoid of brown people
 me: i know. i’m going to bring the revolution.  i’ve accepted a job there. Director of the advocacy department for WMF
 Steve: shut it!!!
 me: i will not!
 Steve: congrats, that’s sick awesome!
 me: thanks! now go make dinner
 Steve: turn your skype on if you’re home tonight
 me: will do. hug your wife’s belly for me
Steve: no, it’s off center and creeps me out
  i’ll shout to it for you
I would just like to point out that Steve was my very patient freshman bible study leader when I was a 17-year-old anti-religion, uber-feminist, hippie activist in her first year of college.  He is a HUGE part of the reason I have a relationship with Christ today.  I’m sure you can see why… wisdom out the wazoo!

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