Some New S***

I believe now, as I have for years, that God does not wait for us to know him before he gives us glimpses of who we could be in him.

There are talents, gifts, and callings he places in us that sometimes breathe life long before we ever know him by name.  The end purpose is to use those gifts to glorify him but I don’t think the time spent before that realization is without worth.

Music, dance, art, and writing can inspire humanity.  It can awaken a desire to create and to learn to connect with others.  Surely God is in the midst of that?

I know that when I see someone moving in their gifts it awakens something in me.  It makes me want to create.  It makes me appreciate our uniqueness and diversity.  It gets my blood pumping.

Thank you to Sarah Goodpasture for showing me another example of a talented person being bold.  God is in creativity.


One thought on “Some New S***

  1. I’m leaving a reply to advance your blogging goals. You are a far more loyal blogger than myself. I did just happen to stumble upon this post, which I love inspite of being too tired to understand all the rapping in the video. :) btw…I get this feeling of God’s presence in my gifts everytime I sign to music, including in the back area of Wesley on Tuesday nights when its spontaneous. So glad I taught myself how to sign, God was definately involved. Kepp up your blogging adventures, especially while in Omaha!

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