Who I Want To Be…

I was unpacking boxes this afternoon and a folded slip of paper fell out of one.  It was a list titled “Who I Want To Be…”  There is no date on it and I don’t recall writing it but based on some of the items I know it was more than 6 months ago but less than two years.  It  has manged to make me both sad and hopeful.  Here it is in it’s entirety and exactly as it was written.

Who I Want To Be…

Mother (biological and adoptive)

Wife/feel pursued

50 lbs. thinner/get toned

4 inches taller

good smile



social worker


ministry leader

missionary to Africa, Venezuela, Haiti, India…

accomplished dancer

published poet/author

speak Spanish fluently



IJM worker/stop sex-trade

go back to school

affect political change

learn to ride a bike (again)

do something lasting

fix my car

live in my own home

not feel depressed

not bite my nails when I’m stressed

have less opinions

feel loved

less messy

better painter/artist

run a non-profit

feel confident

clear skin

speak multiple languages

better singing voice

better fashion sense

better at math

Go to Australia

stronger in theology/biblical knowledge

feel beautiful

be free from hyprocrisy

be U.S. citizen

inspire others

be more warm

more encouraging

less guarded

less overbearing

get a puppy

not feel disposable

be happy… really happy

better hair

feel whole

not be so afraid of failure

Who do you want to be?


2 thoughts on “Who I Want To Be…

  1. that was a great list. sometimes you look at old stuff and are amazed you wrote it.
    Im like that sometimes. good stuff…

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