Can a beggar love Christ?

I just had this conversation on facebook.  Let me preface it by saying I know I let my frustration get the best of me and I need to learn to tame my tongue.  That fact aside,  I am very interested to hear thoughts on this issue.  Can a beggar love Christ?  Does scripture promise that we will never experience hardship?

It breaks my heart when I see people with really expensive cars turn a deaf ear to the homeless at intersections

    • Branden Staack they spent all their money on the car :/
    • Sherard Mckenzie It breaks my heart JUST SEEING the homeless because if they only new CHRIST their lives would be so much different!
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez Why would we we assume they don’t know Christ?
    • Sherard Mckenzie Well the word say’s I’Ve never seen the rightous forsaken nor his seed begging bread! so…….
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez 

      That’s is misrepresentation of scripture to support the prosperity gospel and is very false. It implies that hunger, poverty etc… are punishment for a lack of faith.An obvious argument against this is the very lives of Christ and his disciples. They were rich in spirit but incredibly poor financially speaking. 

    • Sherard Mckenzie Ummmm darling even in the case of the disciples they were poor, but they were not begging. LOL JESUS made bread in the story of the the fish and 3 loaves of bread. Pls let me correct you my statement has nothing 2 do with the prosperity gospel. lol and please explain to me your interpretation of that scripture if I am wrong?
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez I can’t put it more simply. You are wrong. And what you are saying is prosperity gospel. It’s a dangerous distortion that hurts those trapped in poverty. Your comment implies that anyone who begs can not possibly know Christ. If you can’t see what is wrong with that statement than we aren’t going to fix that through a FB status, darling.
    • Sherard Mckenzie I think the problem arised when you first mis interpreted my comment originally! The puropse of my comment wasn’t 2 say that homeless ppl sld know christ for the sake of money, but for the benefit of salvation of Christ! Prosperity isn’t the reason to be saved, but salvation is given to save you from the hardships of life. Being homeless is a hardship. U assumed I was speaking about something I was not, but I apologize you were offended by my comment.
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez that wasn’t my interpretation and that wasn’t what I said.
      I said… they’re being homeless is not evidence of not being in relationship with Christ. Begging is not a sign of being a nonbeliever.
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez And it is not a matter of being offended. I simply disagree with you.
      If salvation was meant to save us from hardships why do so many of the most devout believers end up martyred, imprisoned, persecuted etc… Are those not hardships?
    • Jeff Darrey Wait, So believing in Jesus doesn’t mean i get a mercedes?
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez Sorry Jeff… We can offer you intimacy with Christ, empowerment through the holy spirit, spiritual giftings etc… but we’re aren’t offering Mercedes’ today. My apologies for the confusion.LOL :P 

    • Jeff Darrey Well, i mean, i guess that’ll do.
    • Sherard Mckenzie Ms/Mrs Sanchez it looks like you have some more research and knowledge to gain from the word of God. We all do and I include myself first! I do not believe that prosperity is the only purpose of the gospel or it is the only reason for salvation. However I do believe it is part of the gospel and it can be explained the correct way, but I do not think this is the place or time to do that.
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez There are many areas were I need to learn and gain more knowledge in my walk. I have utter confidence that in this I am speaking truth. I have worked with the poor for years now and I have met men and women of God in the process. I would never be so presumptuous as imply that they do not know our Father. I can’t imagine a greater insult.
    • Jeff Darrey There is one type of person that a pity most in our community of Christ followers. Those who would judge another persons heart and walk with Christ.
    • Sherard Mckenzie I understand, but it seems that u wld be presumptuous to assume that anyone who mentions anything dealing with prosperity and the gospel is a prosperty gospel preacher. What you may want 2 consider doing next time is ask the person to clearify their comment. It is not wise to extend the same patience, grace, and mercy to a select person or group of people, but apply it to all that you encounter. Be swift to listen and slow to speak especially when it comes to judgement.
    • AnaYelsi Sanchez 

      I never said you were a prosperity gospel preacher. Not a single time.. What I did say, repeatedly, is that faith=finances is prosperity gospel.I need to walk away from this conversation now because my anger is getting the best of me and… it doesn’t serve you, me, or the body any good.


3 thoughts on “Can a beggar love Christ?

  1. wow, that was a good debate there. I see yall had a whole different side of opinions. good read. its just too bad nobody came to an

  2. Whoa!!!

    I literally said “WHAT?!?!” out loud to the response of “It breaks my heart JUST SEEING the homeless because if they only new CHRIST their lives would be so much different!”

    I don’t agree with that at ALL. I mean, I guess maaaaaaaaybe that person could have meant it in a way other than how I interpreted it but still…..

    And, I think that you might have had a better ending if you had been able to control that temper a little and been a little softer in your responses (only because it put them on the defense and turned into who called who a what.)

    But, I think you’re right about her statement sounding like prosperity gospel. I think a beggar can love Christ… and should. I think the only person who *can’t* is a dead person.

    • Ugh I know! I have got to learn to control my tongue. Sometimes I get so lost in my own need to be right or to correct someone that my words lose some of their validity. I could feel it even as I was responding to her and was so frustrated with myself for giving in. Especially when I threw the use of the word “darling” back at her. I winced after I pressed post.

      I still very much feel that what I said was true though. I just need to learn to present it in a better way.

      btw… love the last line of your comment. and love you!!

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