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I am so in love with the 20 Something Bloggers site I stumbled upon.  I have already found so many awesome blogs.  Awakened Aesthetic might be one of the best though.  These ladies have created an entire blog dedicated to being a conscious consumer.

They’re young and love fashion etc… as much as the next girl so what they’re offering is stuff Women such as myself can actually enjoy.

One of the coolest things about their site is the E-List.  The E-list is a collection of designer profiles that are rated based on six categories:

Human Rights: How a company treats its retail and manufacturing employees, as well as its outsourced workers. If they buy raw materials, are they fairly traded?

Animal Rights: Whether the company uses fur, leather, silk, or other animal by-products.  If so, are they recycled, or otherwise ethically sourced?

Social Consciousness: Ways in which the company gives back, either through community involvement, charity, ecological support or employee benefits.

Corporate Responsibility: A company’s transparency, both in its purpose and its advertising.  If they sell pro-gay rights t-shirts, they’d better be pro-gay rights; if they cater to a forward-thinking movement, their advertising better be forward-thinking as well.

Eco Ethics: What is it made of, and how is it made?  We’re looking for organics, bamboo lyocell, a closed manufacturing system – products and processes that sustain our environment.

Indie Cred: Small, minority-owned businesses support a well-rounded economy and even competition.  Independent designers, handmade products and one-woman (or man!) shops rock.


Awakened Aesthetic… another reason you shouldn’t bother with Walmart.



4 thoughts on “Awakened Aesthetic

  1. You just made my day! Thank you so much for the compliments. Lindsay and I are so passionate about sustainability in aesthetics, and I’m glad someone else thinks we’re doing a good job combining the two.

    Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome! and thank you for creating such a wonderful site. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey! I found you on the 20sb page “Remember that time we all got more followers?” and I wanted to say hello! I’ve just subscribed to you.

    As much as I love 20sb, it’s hard to find blogs that are conscious of any social issues. A lot of them are about dating (stereotypically, at least) and I’m always thrilled to see them.

  3. Following you now as per your post in the 20SB group!

    I’ll have to check that blog out and I totally agree about not bothering with Walmart. Saving you money? Saving you money my ass.

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