Beer Me That Book…

I realize I have shamefully neglected to regularly post in this blog.  My apologies but I have been focused on my other blog, Dance Upon Injustice: Embracing The Daily Call. Check it out to see the amazing shift that has happened in my spiritual and professional life.

I have had the pleasure of putting a dent in that reading list I posted around mid-July.  I’m going to do some reviews of the books I felt strongly about but here’s an update of the success I had.

Here Are the books:

1. God’s Politics – Jim Wallis

– Phenomenal book! By far, my favorite read of the entire summer.  I strongly suggest finding a copy and pushing deeper in your understanding of faith, scripture, and politics.

2. To Be Real: Telling The Truth and Changing The Face Of Feminism Rebecca Walker

– I definitely suggest checking this book out.  The first time I read it I was around 18 and I was not yet a Christian.  My identity regarding feminism and faith have since evolved and I saw the book in a new light.  I may not agree with it all but I certainly respect and appreciate it.

3. Simple Spirituality: Learning To See God In A Broken World – Chris Heuertz

– Chris is one of those people that I am so honored to call a friend.  His heart and intellect will challenge you.

4. The Clinic – Jonathan Kellerman

– Entertaining. But I wish I had gone with a different book from my list.

5. Blue Like Jazz– Donald Miller

-I read through this book with a summer book club.  I loved the book but I loved my time with the people in the group more.

There were 17 books on the original list but I got distract by some other books and veered off course.  I suppose 5 out of 17 is a small dent but I think I made some good alternative choices.

They included:

Counted Righteous In Christ– John Piper

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience– Ronald J. Sider

Oliver Twist– Charles Dickens

Did you read anything good this summer? Anything I should steer clear of?

Again, sorry for the absence.  I will become better at juggling the two blogs. Scout’s honor!