Dora The Latina Stereotypes Explorer

A friend of mine just posted an article from on another friends Facebook page.  The article itself is fine; a basic little editorial about teen pregnancy.  It was the photo of teenage, pregnant Dora The Explorer that didn’t sit well with me.

I doubt there was any racist or malicious intention in the article.  I do think that in this one cartoon there are a host of stereotypes regarding Latinas represented.  The cartoonist, sadly, probably wasn’t even aware of the hurtful or inaccurate things they were perpetuating.

As an employed, smoke-free, non alcohol-dependent, legal resident of the U.S with no children (with an an absent father) I am not against the norm.  I am the norm.

Some common stereotypes about Latinas are that we are overly-sexual women with some sort of genetic propensity for laziness.  As a result we end up pregnant young and on welfare because we were abandoned by our equally lazy boyfriends.

Nothing offensive about that. pffft…

And the stereotypical, oversized, tacky hoop earrings were a nice touch.

yay for social progress… let’s speed it up a bit.


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  1. 1. You say that the steriotype is incorrect but do not provide any evidence to support it except that you are not a steriotype. If you want people to see your point as valid, support it.

    2. Why is any immage involving a minority?? Has anyone considered the possibility that this is a very popular cartoon amung todays toddlers? I believe the artist was trying to make an impression on parents of young children that even the most wholesome children (as Dora is portrayed in her cartoon) are not immune from the peer pressures on smoking, drinking, and sex. This may encourage parents to talk to their children, and make the point that it’s never too early.

    As I already said, proof is key, but my statements here are just theory. I just wish people would consided for one moment that not everything is rasist, things are just things. Get over it and stop complaining.

    • 1. I make it very clear on the front page of my blog that all comments must be respectful and considerate of others, including myself. “get it over it and stop complaining” was unnecessary and rude and so was the antagonistic slant to your questions. A simple, “could you please provide some statistics that show evidence towards this?” would have sufficed.

      2. One thing to consider when reading an statistics is that Hispanics and Latinos constitute 16.3% of the total United States population, or 50.5 million people, forming the second largest ethnic group. This has a LARGE impact upon the % amount when looking at issued like poverty etc… It’s more than just a number to throw out there and make claims about. In regards to welfare and poverty rates, Latinos are incredibly different and at a different level of assimilation into this country depending on their own national origins (something you and any other American’s ancestors were experiencing at some point). Poverty level percentages among groups such as Mexican-Americans may be in their upper 20’s but they are working predominantly in manual labor and agriculture where they are often being refused fair working wages. But among south Americans, such as Colombians, Venezuelans, and Peruvians, they are anywhere from only 2-5% from the average poverty rates for non-Hispanic White Americans.

      3. Latinos may make up a large portion of the national manual labor force (a huge contribution to our economy) but they also make great contributions in all major fields, such as politics, the military, music, literature, philosophy, sports, business and economy, and science. For example: The total number of Hispanic-owned businesses in 2002 was 1.6 million, having grown at triple the national rate for the preceding five years. And still growing… Also, As of 2007 there were more than five thousand elected officeholders in the United States who were of Latino origin.

      4. As for the issue of racism (that’s how you actually spell it BTW), it is very much alive and well and does need to be addressed. In 2006, Time Magazine reported that the number of hate groups in the United States increased by 33 percent since 2000, primarily due to anti-illegal immigrant and anti-Mexican sentiment. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics, the number of anti-Latino hate crimes increased by 35 percent since 2003. In California, the state with the largest Latino population, the number of hate crimes against Latinos almost doubled.

      Is that enough for you or would you like me to continue?

    • Also, I started this article off by explicitly stating, “I doubt there was any racist or malicious intention in the article. I do think that in this one cartoon there are a host of stereotypes regarding Latinas represented. The cartoonist, sadly, probably wasn’t even aware of the hurtful or inaccurate things they were perpetuating.”

  2. from what i seen is that latina pregnant girls are always on welfare what the goverment should do is stop giving them welfare because they spend that money on something that is not going to benefit the baby and for example i seen some of them with expensive phones i think that the latinas girls who get pregnant should be forced to work and not be getting welfare

    • From what I “seen”, People who choose to comment on my posts and can’t be bothered to read the previous comments and realize I already disproved their close-minded stereotypes aren’t deserving of a second lesson in reading statistics or in racial tolerance. You’ll have to go somewhere else for that enlightenment.

  3. Ana — I apologize in advance for this, if it offends you…

    To Daniel (from above)…

    Dear assclown:

    Do you know a single thing about welfare? I’ll ask you again, and this time, before you consider responding, think about it… do you actually know one little thing about the entire welfare system that you didn’t learn on Fox News or from Ronald Regan in 1984? I doubt it. For one thing, you can’t actually buy “expensive phones” with foodstamps… I know, I know, you’re thinking “but I thought phones were food” — they aren’t. Nothing a pregnant woman buys will benefit a baby, unless they are buying a crib or stocking up on baby food — you see, the baby will feed (much like a parasite) off of whatever mom eats — so whatever FOOD she buys with FOODSTAMPS will most likely also be consumed by the baby too — also, let’s say she gets cash assistance — if she pays rent, likely the cash assistance helped — since the carrier body is best suited to be indoors, rather than homeless, the baby received some benefit… if the mother owns a phone, with which sh\e can call a doctor, scheduled doctor appointments, etc — well, the baby again benefits. Also, you can purchase a used iPhone on Ebay for $74 — I just checked — I bet that costs less than the phone you own — it certainly costs less than my phone. You can hardly purchase a phone that isn’t a smart phone these days — also, what the hell is it to you, what said mother owns? Are you the shopping police? Do you benefit from anything subsidized by tax payers? Do the police protect you? If your house catches fire, will the fire department come save you? Do you get to drive on roads built with tax paye rmoney? Do you get a 401k from work? Do you get employer (and government) subsidized health care? Do you have have protection of the US Government and the US military? Do I worry about what you buy? After all, my tax money is helping you out — and since you have time to read blogs, I assume you’re in a better financial situation than all these brown chicks on foodstamps you’re stalking and staring down — Probably you should STFU — at the very least, look at the f*cking title of this blog — do you think its some white bread rich girl writing it?

    If you want more insight into why you should STFU and mind your own business, feel free to check out my blog — I have one that is entirely dedicated to welfare — also, if you’re going to come saying some stupid rascist shite, without taking some time to research, at least use proper grammar — you seen it all buy yerself did ya?

    One final thought — the largest user of welfare in this country is white folk — and most people on welfare are hardworking, good people trying to get ahead, and dig out of a bad situation — none of them, black, brown, yellow, white, red, gray blue… none of them need your backwards thinking, stupid, idiotic thoughts on why you’re better than they are — you’re just lucky you’re not in their shoes — after all, its less hard work, and more luck that most people make good in society — lots of people work hard — some end up at bad companies, some make bad decisions, some run themselves into the ground, and some are lucky

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