churches are like starbucks….

…one on every corner.

I was just driving down Colonial with some friends and we had to have passed at least a dozen churches.

Some average sized one and several teeny tiny ones.  Why are there so many churches?

I realize there’s the issue of denominational differences, don’t even get me started on that, but many times it’s the same few denominations popping up all over.

Aren’t we called to be one body and one mind?  I wonder if it hurts God to see his people so divided?

Yes, there is the argument that there may be a large number of people called to preach/teach and that means a church for each individual.


Because I would argue that we show a lot of pride as a people to assume we are called to be “top dog” for a church simply because of our giftings.  Can we not share that role? Shouldn’t we?

Let go the hierarchy and focus on the body itself.