Is Christian Activism a sin? (I REALLY want to hear your thoughts)

A very intelligent man I know posted the article above in his facebook status and then added this line:

“Not that I support abortion – But Christian Activism is a Greater Sin !”

My immediate response to Joe began with , “I firmly disagree with you, Joe”

you know me and my subtlety ;)

Joe is better versed in scripture than I can probably ever hope to be but one of the blessings of the year I spent organizing was the opportunity to study the Old Testament prophets and the ordained messages they shared with society.  It’s because of my understanding of that scripture that I so strongly disagree with Joe.

The article makes the following statement early on,

There are no Biblical examples to support today’s “Christian activism.” Christ “suffered for us, leaving us an example that we should follow his steps” (1 Pe. 2:21). He sternly and repeatedly rebuked Israel’s false religious leaders, yet He never spoke out — not even once — against the injustices of Roman civil authority! Nor did He advocate, organize, or engage in any public protests to pressure Rome into changing its corrupt system, or the society of His day its evil ways. He submitted to unjust authorities as Romans 13 tells us we should do today: “Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to Him that judgeth righteously” (1 Pe. 2:21-25). No “activism” here! So it was with the apostles and the early churches.

For those of you who have followed other posts by me you are familiar with my “Jubilee” post discussing Ezekiel 22.  I don’t want to run through that too much again so feel free to check it out if you aren’t familiar with the scripture.

I’m posting where our Facebook chat led Joe and I because I think it says everything I would have said here anyway.  I truly would love to know your thoughts on this article, my Jubilee post, and the topic of Christian Activism.

Here’s our chat:

AnaYelsi Sanchez

I firmly disagree with you Joe.
and that article failed to take into account the prophets and their very clear message (ordained by God) concerning the need for restoration of our political, economic, and social systems.

One purpose of the prophets was to give to direction to the body of Christ concerning what they should do and work for in society ergo they were called to work for the salvation of systems as well as people.
One of the strongest examples of this is the description of “what is” and “what God intended” for Jerusalem as laid out in Ezekiel 22 and reaffirmed in Micah and Amos.

Scott Clark

Well the problem AnaYelsi with Christian activism is it contradicts a core pillar of Christianity, that ALL people have fallen short of the glory of god and no one has been granted authority to judge someone else. There is no difference in sin, one sin is not greater than another.
AnaYelsi Sanchez

let me clarify that true Christian activism is not defined by: Evil Christian Activism, violates Basic Human Rights, and is closely related to The Heresy called “The Social Gospel”. These two evils give birth to such vile behavior as, screaming at, and spitting on young girls who are on their way to an abortion clinic.

That does not reflect the heart of Christ at all.

AnaYelsi Sanchez

I in no way implied that one sin was greater than another.

and there is a distinct difference between judgment and accountability within the body, a body that is a part of this society and often as a result of apathy permits the downfall of our social systems.

Joe Spears Ιωσηφ Σπεαρς

Let me put to you another way.

The world is supposed to fall apart. The Bible assures us that the World will continue to grow more and more corrupt.

World wide (especially on the system level) corruption is ordained by God. The Bible teaches that only the 2nd coming of Christ will make the world good and healthy again. Jesus accomplishes that renewal, by destroying the whole universe, then rebuilding it. … See More

Any attempt to “make the world a better place” is an attempt to go against Gods plan for the ages.

Joe Spears Ιωσηφ Σπεαρς

Not to mention that is falsely emphasizes “Experience” or “Quality of life” as a means or result of Salvation.
AnaYelsi Sanchez

it frightens me that a man of God would say such a thing.
I don’t even know how to respond to such a distorted view of our calling as the body of Christ.

I have great respect for you but I truly think your view is dangerously skewed.

Joe Spears Ιωσηφ Σπεαρς

Christians, in The Church Age are told in the Bible to “mind your affairs” and “live a quiet life”.

Christian are not told to push morality on others, or spit on little girls, or bomb people who test cosmetics on cats.

Joe Spears Ιωσηφ Σπεαρς Our calling Ana is to Peaceful Evangelism, and supporting one another, and thats all we are called to do.

AnaYelsi Sanchez

I believe I already clearly stated that that is not a true definition of Christian activism.
That’s radical Christianity and if I distinction is not made than we’re not having the same discussion

AnaYelsi Sanchez I don’t believe in fruitless arguments among the body and I can see that’s where we are headed.

I think we both shared our views and I appreciate the discussion but perhaps it’s time to step back before it leads to something harsher