All I can think of are my future children….

I think most of you know my heart and the things that matter to me; that often includes knowing my political ideals.  Those are things that were on my mind these past 2 years as I watched Obama make this historical climb to presidency but this morning all I can think about are my future sons and daughters.

I knew that my emotions would be stirred the moment I heard Obama declared as the future president but I didn’t expect how deeply it would affect me.

When I sit in the reality of it for even a moment and consider what this means for my future children; our future children I start to cry.

I am a Venezuelan female immigrant who couldn’t even vote in this election and it is suddenly a undeniable truth that a child who looks like me can grow up to claim such victories.  I don’t have to tell my children to hope and dream with my fingers crossed behind my back. This is their reality now.

I just don’t have the words to express what that means to me.  I don’t know how to voice it except to say I feel blessed and hopeful and grateful that I can raise my children in that knowledge.

my heart is bursting!!