The romancer

There is a church near my home that I have been working with for the past month.  As part of the job I’ve attended several of their Sunday services.  Every Sunday I sat in the same row and watched the elderly couple that sat in the pew in front of me.  I realized my most distinct recollections of them were moments when I couldn’t even see their faces.  The woman is very petite and frail-looking.  Her husband is only an inch or two taller than her and they seem like a perfect match; a couple who had spent so many years together that they worked as one.  What’s distinctive about them is the way they were with each other.  Every time we stood to sing or pray the husband would put both arms around his wife and gently lift her up.  He would then keep his arm around her waist holding and supporting her as they sang.  It’s one of those beautiful glimpses of people that makes you suddenly want to cry.  There was so much love and nurturing and protectiveness in that simple act.  It makes you yearn for it. 



We were fashioned so delicately

By a romancer whose love goes further than any one man’s reach

Thoughtfully he designed us to delve into each other

To search and find glimpses of that limitless love

The broken and inferior things may distract

But he’s woven that yearning into our souls

And we’re called back to it time after time

For that kind of tenderness we…






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  1. ahhh! so this is where your blog is. i’ve been waiting and waiting for an update on the blogspot one. these posts are goooood. :)

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