Bid thou our sad divisions cease And be thyself our king of peace

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How was your Christmas eve service? Mine was bittersweet. I found myself celebrating our Lord and mourning for the not yet answered cries for justice across our country. There was joy but there was also sorrow. For those lost, those grieving, … Continue reading

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Dear White People: Ferguson Protests are a Wake Not a Pep Rally

The Well Examined Life

White House #ferguson Rally

I get it. You’re frustrated. You’re angry. You’re sad. You’re confused. You know that the killing of Mike Brown and the lack of indictment of Darren Wilson are a travesty. You are probably aware that the system you live in, the nation that raised you, the institutions that educate and protect you, commit or support massive amounts of violence against communities of color. I’m sure for many of you the cognitive dissonance must be profoundly disturbing. For others, for those of you who, though white, are marginalized and dehumanized daily, this moment is probably an agonizing reminder of the pain you carry around daily. I’m sure the discomfort you are feeling, the rage, the sorrow, the guilt, the confusion is probably further complicated by an excitement. I’m sure some of you are excited that things are happening, that movements are starting. I’m sure a part of you is hoping that…

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